If you are looking to purchase steel at a reasonable price, we may have the right products for you.

Carbon Steel 1018

Low carbon steel ideal for parts where uniform hardness is required. Its mechanical properties and versatile machinability make it one of the most commonly used steels since the products made with this material are of high quality.

A2, D2, O1, 4140, H13, P20, Stainless 304

Tool steels are generally high alloy steels used to manufacture parts that require high resistance to wear and / or impact. Generally used in the manufacture of dies, blades, dies subject to thermal shocks, molds, tools for extrusion presses, forging dies, inserts, sleeves, rolling mills, etc.
There are several classifications according to the desired application within the Tool Steels.

Thomson shafts

The Thomson shafts are elongated, cylindrical shaped, devices that provide a linear and rotary applications power transmission. They are used as axles, pistons, rollers and heavy machinery.

Some bars have axial or radial structures for mounting support holes. Others are slotted for placement of elastic or channeled for slots rings. We have solid or hollow bars with male or female thread and also with staggered or bevelled ends.

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