We provide a wide range of engineering plastics, which are predominantly used for mechanical applications and components of industrial machines.

Acetal / Delrin


Acetal resins are very crystalline thermoplastics, engineering thermoplastics are considered. The set of properties is positive: good dimensional stability, high hardness, rigidity, strength and toughness, good chemical resistance, good sliding properties and abrasion.

It is a very versatile engineering plastic, similar to the properties of metals.




Nylon (PA6, PA66) is a polyamide with excellent qualities; hardness, shock absorbing capacity, noise and vibration. It is a material that offers a very good resistance and durability to wear and abrasion without exceeding the limits of the effort. It also offers the alternative of being applied in combination with metals or other thermoplastics.

Nylon (PA6, PA66) is highly slippery, even dry, so it has minimal aging if used as a pillow.




The PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) known as TEFLON which is basically used in parts subject to temperature (up to 300C) such as endless belts in industrial furnaces. It’s a soft touch and excellent coefficient of friction and dielectric material. Teflon is also applied in liquid form as nonstick cooking pans and as a protector of surfaces.

PTFE is generally considered a thermoset polymer, which maintains a very high viscosity at temperatures of 327° C. The PTFE can be used in continuous use at any temperature between -200° C and +260° C.


Grey PVC


Thermoplastic material with excellent chemical resistance, mechanical and elastic modulus. Resists attack by most acids and alkalis the strongest, gasoline, kerosene, aliphatic alcohols, hydrocarbons and saline solutions.


Polycarbonate / Lexan sheets


The polycarbonate offers an unusual combination of features including:

The polycarbonate sheet has an unmatched combination and a balance of features including: exceptional strength, transparency, light weight, flexibility, heat resistance, flame retardant, durability and safety.


G10 (Round & Plate)


G-10 is the only plastic laminate combining light diffusion and durability of acrylic with high mechanical strength, especially the impact provides reinforcement fiberglass.

The G-10 is made with 100 percent acrylic resin reinforced with fiberglass, which allows for excellent light diffusion preventing shadow areas.

The best lighting concept to serve the construction industry. It is a thermoformable laminate, translucent manufactured in a continuous process under strict quality control ensures the homogeneity of their mechanical and physical properties.



Bakelite (Round & Plate)


The Celoron or Bakelite because of its high resistance to mechanical stress, heat, and mixtures, and exelentes electrical properties of phenolic laminates, bound for the excellent grade to be machined, the Celoron or Bakelite have many applications both in the electricity industry, swiches, boards, washers, gears, and steel industry: bearings of Celoron and collars for rolling mills; also they have resistance to solvents and organic acids, which also have applications in the chemical industry.


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